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"I've heard that you have good judgement. However, matters such as this can only be learned through personal experience. That is why you're still a student. Kiddo. You still have a mountain of things to learn and master."


It was a crying howl of a werewolf, the youths' faces turned rigid. They had no more strength to continue fighting. They thought this was the end of the fight, but the next stage of the battle seemed to have begun once again, causing the youths to feel more hopeless.


He stuck a cigarette in his mouth and inhaled the smoke. They were taking a short break. The Chinese soldiers would be waiting for them in the upper levels.


Corporal Zhai held each soldier's hand and prayed upon their last breaths. Soldiers were consumable products. Just as weapons and supplies increase, as time pass they would decrease.


The plane immediately exploded and tipped over, nose diving into the ground. The enemy plane's altitude was too low for it to be stopped by additional attacks by the anti aircraft gun.


Feeling a good pressure push against the palm of his hands, Han spun his wooden spear left and right. He used both arms to brandish his spear freely.

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Amongst the drill instructors in the Ark, Sergeant Red was one of the worst tempered. He never overlooked anything, he drove the students into the corner with his cruel nature.


"Kuro will be in charge of Jose and Canute's basic training. Kuro is your senior and had trained the second year curriculum longer than the two of you. We will probably have around 3 weeks to adjust. We have to start battling after that period."


Han pointed his spear and spoke. Karlheinz looked exponentially fearful as he looked around at all his fainted gang members.


"Han, do you want to compete in the next battle? It is a mock battle. I heard you participated in them frequently during your first year."


"Why is it me and Han? Silence is a third year, but we are both second years."


Kuro felt a sense of safety from Han's presence. A large part of Kuro's mental strength stemmed from Han like the Sergeants had reported.


Han commanded his squad roughly. The squad members followed Han's command like a reflex. Han's stern command had given the youths a bit of strength.



"It doesn't seem like you used bombs. You wouldn't have had any methods to get them, either. Based on your history, you're not so stupid to go ahead with such a plan."



This was the Elu tribe's unique laughter. A hyena-like laughter sounded together with an indistinguishable language. Two Elu warriors were walking off somewhere.


Han and Simon took hold of Sergeant Red and ran. Behind them, Silence was fending off the Elu warriors. The Elus bathed in their own blood from his twin swords.


Han also did not see Simon in a good light. Every word from Simon's mouth had the pride of an elite.

  • "If he has true talent, he will be promoted soon enough. He has low psychic talent so it is natural for him to be in class D."
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