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Three days later, Han proposed another sparring match, but with weapons this time. Schwartz showed off his broad shoulders and gladly accepted. They each selected a weapon they wished to wield. Han armed a spear, and Schwartz chose a heavy sword.


Silence who sat next to him conveyed with his electric note. Squad Delta and Echo were annihilated. 8 dead. Amongst this group were first generation psykers and third years as well. The situation was so grave that even the third years could not be saved.


"They probably wanted to borrow Ark's strength then obtain the data before anyone could find out. Anyway, they wouldn't let us leave quietly either way."


They appeared to be a pig-like turtle monster with low intelligence and simple attack patterns. Without an Elu to command them, they would just blindly throw frontal attacks.


'I could only count a few number of second years that could immediately be deployed for battle. Including these two, there should be about four or five students.'


"The first generation model was made in haste so it's low grade. Each nation has their own model as well. The second generation psychoframe doesn't even compare with that one. This gear has been prepared for only the best. The outer shell is made of dragon bone and leather, while the gloves are made of highly elastic alloy. This gear has been made especially for you. I'm barely able to move this myself."

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"We were in class B together. You're great. You've proved yourself many times in class B. Rather than becoming a subordinate to someone I've never met before, I felt it would be best to stick with you. That's a good enough reason, right?"


Han had long realized that a position as squad member was not enough to fully utilize all his skills.


Only two weeks had passed, but he had already caught the interest of Instructor Wei.


"Nobody could have predicted this. This had been the instructor's trickery. Nobody is blaming you, Han!"


'If Kijo was a bit more well rounded as a person, he would have probably been someone like him…'


The second years had a total of twelve squads. They were teammates and classmates. Each squad had a total of four to ten individuals. Han and Kuro joined the seventh squad. The squad commander for the seventh squad was a Japanese youth named Kato Souki. Kato was a sharp minded individual with narrow eyes.


Han said with a face covered in soot. They got out their water bottles to drink. They rinsed the unpleasant aftertaste of smoke that lingered in their mouths.



Silence's shoulder shook. It seems he was laughing. Lots of time was required to converse with Silence. They only exchanged a few words and they already reached the fork in the road which directed them to the third year and second year dorms.



This entire day was a free period for the first years. The fact that they had an entire day off meant that the sergeants had important decisions to make.


"Use the R-2s you have been supplied with. Psykers are equipped with a standard of two airbeats, but do you need more? Well, you probably don't. Let's see now, you also need under armor…."


Han frowned at the name. Many people had died. The day of madness still frightened him to this day.

  • "He was able to cleverly use the geological advantages of the jungle to successfully battle against the grunt squad. A grunt's intelligence is about the same as an animal but are stupidly strong, so it's not easy for anyone to single-handedly take down twenty grunts with a single knife."
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