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The housing officer shouted commands to the soldiers. The soldiers moved to fulfil their individual duties. Support assist teams moved around busily helping to gear all the troops. The patrol planes deployed out first.


His emotions took a big hit due to his psychic skills. Kuro had experienced rapid growth of his psychic powers two times. Once had been when he was in the deserted island, and the second was when Kijo had killed a cat. Kuro's psychic skills evolved exponentially due to the sudden burst of emotions.


Han became lost in his own thoughts. The third years were existences hidden behind a veil. He had rarely come across them, becase they had no form of exchange at all.


Han said while trying to catch his breath. During that moment, squad 13 had infiltrated into squad 6's command center and managed to steal their opponent's flag.


Soldiers suited in black began blindly shooting. The enemy didn't have the slightest bit of hesitancy. They moved with a sense of duty to kill psykers.


The more people praised squad 13, the more horrible people's opinions of Kato became. It had become plainly apparent that he could not properly deploy his squad.

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Silence looked to Han while swaggering. Sergeant Red confirmed the situation and commanded the squad to continue moving. Simon looked dissatisfied for not having enough time to fully rest, but complied quietly.


"The drill instructors won't ask us to do something that is impossible. Do you want some crackers?"


A spear penetrated the back of the werewolf's head and popped out from its jaws.


Sergeant Red was not affected in the slightest. He walked forward unarmed.


As he had stated, he quickly became accustomed to the armor. It made him feel reassured. The helmet protecting his head was surprisingly lightweight.


A werewolf of gray fur appeared on the screens. Han and Kuro's eyes grew wide. It was their first time directly seeing the minion forms like this.


'This was inevitable when Kuro broke down. He understood that a single mistake would cause the whole squad's failure.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.



"There are so many soldiers to witness today's event, they won't dare to kill me when I'm unarmed." Corporal Zhai was idolized by the people of China. He was known for his countless contributions he made for the country and his deeds were widespread throughout the country through propaganda advertisements.



It is harder to find a better kind of human resource for battle than these youths. With the addition of actual battle experience, these soldiers would become terrifying existences.


Han woke up early the next day and opened his window. The cold morning air blew in thickly. He was now used to Ark's weather.


Sergeant Red scanned his surroundings and mumbled. The best team had been formed to save the remaining survivors. It was the first time for psychoframes to be used in actual battle, following the war against dragons. They had assumed the worst case scenario and prepared for the appearance of a dragon.

  • Han listened to the Major and got lost in his own thoughts. This will be another large scale battle. However, his heart didn't feel as heavy as the time before. He slowly opened his eyes and tightly gripped his trembling hands. He suppressed the upsurging tension. Fear and anxiety… these were emotions which Han didn't need.
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